Welcome to Sultan's Treasure!
Sultan's Treasure brings to you the beauty and the knowledge of Turkey's hidden treasures.
Turkey is a unique and diverse nation with a rich history. The Ottoman Empire lasted more then 600 years and what remains of their legacy is a country rich in crafts and craftsmanship; with unique utilitarian perspective and a fantastic use of colour.
Mosques dot the skyline of Istanbul and the Palaces' of the Sultans remain intact and inspire us to bring their beauty and their luxury to Shopping Centres in Australia.
Unique patterns, intricate weaves and bold colours are all found in our kiosks which add spice and a unique shopping experience to our customers.
At Sultan's Treasure we tip the balance of what you can expect in the middle of your local shopping centre and instead offer a Treasure Trove of handmade quality and affordable gifts that will last a lifetime.

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