This Lucky eye is best hung in an entrance way or in part of your home where you welcome guests. It will sit on your wall protecting your house and family from negative energy and Jealousy whilst being a beautiful addition to your home decor. 

Nazar ( The lucky eye ) ; falsely known as the evil eye on the west, protects its owner from the jealousy & envy of others keeping it is owner safe from negative energy intentionally or unintentionally given. Believed to be a symbol thats dates back over 5000 years it can be found within 100's of cultures all around the globe .Hanging in your car, home or wear it on yourself to bring to protection, luck and wealth that million believe in.

Product Details 

Approx 20cm Long

Eye 4.5cm Across

Product Colour may differ slightly from shown



Medium Lucky Eye Jute String and Silver beads