How to Grout Your Lamp

Mixing Grout and Applying for your Mosaic Glass

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Once your glued mosaic has finished drying after 48hrs (dependent on weather) it is time to apply the grout!


Mix in the ratio of approx. 3.5 parts powder to 1 part water by volume. Add the powder to clean water in an adequately sized container and mix thoroughly until a smooth paste is obtained similar to the consistency to soft toothpaste. Only mix enough grout for use within 45 minutes at room temperature. No further water should be added after the original mixing.


Divide the glass into 3 imaginary parts and work your way slowly around the glass methodically.

Apply grout with a spatula or scoop it out with your slightly damp sponge onto the surface and then use the sponge to work the grout into the cracks.

Do not be too concerned if one or 2 beads fall out just gently fill the holes. The whole glass will be covered in grout including the surfaces of the glass and beads.

The glass should be covered and all cracks and holes full but not excessively weighed down with excess grout.

Once Grout has been spread over the surface leave for 45min to firm on a cooler day you can leave it for up to 1.5 hrs.


Prepare one bucket of soapy water and another for rinsing

After the grout has been let sit for 45min its time to clean the surface

Submerge your glass into the soapy water briefly – using your sponge wipe the surface with a very damp sponge.

Sponge the excess grout off the surface leaving the tops of the mosaic and beads exposed dip again in the soapy water bath until you get the desired effect. Ensure to leave the grout still in the cracks!

Once you are satisfied that the surface is clean you can then rinse the glass lamp shade in clean water.

DRYING TIME Depending on the weather it is best to leave for a day or 2.

Once it is all dry and clean you can then attach it to your lamp base!

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